Meet the team

My name is Nicole and I am a wife and mother to 3 kids. Cancer has a very deep impact on my life, losing both my grandparents to this disease. I have personally seen the impact this has on families and the patient. This triggered my desire to help those to ease the pain and support them through their grieving. Mamas Pay It Forward is more than an organisation to me, it’s a banner of hope that those who not only are going through this painful process but a continuous family of unknowns helping each other through it all. My motto is : Together we can do this, as anything is something to someone who has nothing.
Nicole Ludicks
Director and founder

073 055 3343 & 084 622 4053

My name is Charlene and I am a wife and mother of 2 wonderful boys. Terminal illness has a huge impact on me as I am someone whose in that position currently. I am a very positive person , passionate in what I do, humble and I always encourage others to push ( Pray Until Something Happens) . Mama’s Paying It Forward is a fantastic blessing that came my way as it is my way of helping , loving , blessing and encouraging others out there whose needing help , comfort, strength and support. Everything is done with love and I would not change it for anything. Together we can do anything that is impossible. With God on our side and next to us all things are possible.
board member